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Rumping Transport

The Rumping Group is a company where history, vision and development go hand in hand

J.W.J. Rumping started his transport company in 1928. Through the years, this family company from Beverwijk has grown into a respected company, which is now under the leadership of the third generation of the family. 

Although transport is still the core business, the company expanded some time ago into the fields of industrial dust control and the exploitation of real estate.

J.W.J. Rumping & Zn. BV History
Rumping Transport maintains and runs two vintage Scania vehicles as a hobby and for their historical value.
The photographs below give you a good impression of the excellent condition of the Scania 110 Super and the Scania 400 143 H. If you wish to receive a high resolution photograph for personal use, then please send a request via our contact form.